Medicament Usage

 Everithing You are inetresed in concernig using medicenes and narcotics. Find out additional methods as well as about Plastic Surgery.

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Area article Medicament Usage
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Writer: prof dr Srđan  Pešić

The possibility of using Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms in the modern western medicine

The shiitake have been used in Chinese as well as in the traditional medicine of other Asia people. The extract of this mushroom is a significant drug in maintaining and improving the functioning of healthy body and natural life vitality for many years. A great number of documents showed that this mushroom Chinese used for treating digestive problems, smoothing pains, especially headaches, colds followed by the high temperature and fever, and heart problems. Nowadays it is appreciated in Chinese traditional medicine in the therapy of different virus infections, high blood pressure or metabolism dysfunction.
Area article Medicament Usage
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Writer: mr ph Danijela Nedeljković

First-aid kit

How many times did you go to your holiday and allow that some medical problem spoil your time? How many times did you say ’why did not I bring this medicine?’ You should begin to pack on time because the holiday season has just begun.
Area article Medicament Usage
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Writer: mr sc pharm Gordana Mihajlović

A great caution is recommended with herbal remedies

It is considered that the use of herbal remedies is the most frequent form of traditional medicine. In the developing countries, herbal remedies have an important part in health prevention especially if medical services do not refund it, but in industrialised countries herbal remedies have become popular in the last ten years.
Area article Medicament Usage
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Writer: prof dr Srđan  Pešić

Can donors NO be used in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases?

If we begin with the estimated, important significance of nitrogene monoxide (NO) in maintaining homoeostasis of the vascular tonus, it is logical to suppose that substances which have the ability of releasing this molecule, can be useful at improving the dysfunction of a body. Nitrovasolidators (organic nitrates and sodium nitropruside) are used in a therapy of coronary arthery disease and hypertension for more than a century.
Area article Medicament Usage
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Writer: prof dr Srđan  Pešić

How much are the antiviruses drugs which are used in the therapy of HIV positive patients harmful

Although the therapeutic advancement in treatments of this difficult disease during the last years have evidented, the combination of several antivirus drugs bring further risks from sometimes dangerous unwanted effects which can reduce its therapeutic efficiency.
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